Local Resources

Are you looking for specific information regarding Veterans Services around the Northeast Wisconsin Area?  If so you will find it here. 

Outside the Northeast Wisconsin area?  Please see the State Resources Page for information about Statewide Veteran Services.  A complete list of County Service Officers can also be found on our State Resources Page.

Veteran Service Offices:
Oftentimes Veterans Services begin with the County Veteran Service Officer or CVSO.  Below are links to the Northeast WI CVSOs.

Green Bay Vet Center:
Unfamiliar with Vet Centers?  You may be missing out.  Vet Centers are a great way to work through difficult situations in an informatal way while still working with trained professionals.  This is a great resource for anyone not wanting to go through the VA System.  Click Here for More Vet Center Information, or Here to access the Green Bay Vet Center.